We aim to provide job searchers with support so that they can secure employment by developing individual education and training plans that progress them into the workplace. To that end our website explains our services clearly, provide up to date and easily found information about the local offices contact details, and also provide job searching tips.

Department of Social Protection


The Department of Social Protection (DSP) contracts for the provision of the Local Employment Service (LES) with 22 organisations.

The LES provides a local gateway, or access point, to the full range of services and facilities that are available to help jobseekers to enter or return to employment.  Services are provided to jobseekers referred to the LES through the Department’s activation process and also to clients who engage directly with the service.

Irish Local Development Network


The Irish Local Development Network (ILDN) is the representative body of Local Development Companies (LDCs) in Ireland and the host organisations of all but one of the LESN members.

It’s mission is to promote and support the work of its’ members in the areas of social inclusion and local and rural development.

Education & Training Boards Ireland



ETBI is the national representative association for Ireland’s sixteen Education and Training Boards (ETBs). ETBs and ETBI came into establishment on 1 July 2013 and were formerly VECs and IVEA respectively.



Skillnets actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs. Employer needs are addressed through both the preservation and growth of jobs, focusing on skills to maintain businesses and protect jobs as well as the enhancement of new skills to create new jobs.The needs of unemployed people are addressed through activation and conversion by focusing on integrated training with employees and dedicated conversion courses and work placement in areas of employment potential.


The INOU works at local and national levels on issues affecting unemployed people. We support local groups through services such as training, information and analysis of Government policies. The INOU also participates in Social Partnership through our membership of the Community and Voluntary Pillar. The INOU has also a Northern Ireland division, the Organisation of the Unemployed Northern Ireland (OUNI).



SOLAS will be the Further Education and Training Authority which will co-ordinate and fund the wide range of training and further education programmes in Ireland with Education and Training Boards being responsible for the delivery of programmes.

Small Firms Association


The Small Firms Association (SFA) is the national organisation exclusively representing the needs of small enterprises (i.e. those employing less than 50 employees) in Ireland. The SFA is funded directly through subscription fees from its 8,000 member companies. The SFA directly meets the Government at the table and interacts with key decision-makers at all levels to ensure that the economic environment is conducive to small business establishment and development.

Chambers Ireland


Chambers Ireland works towards creating a better environment for business by lobbying the Government on key policy issues affecting businesses. It’s Mission is to stimulate and facilitate the growth and development of the Irish chamber network and to enable the chambers in the network to effectively promote the long term development of their locality on behalf of their members.

Excellence Ireland Quality Association


First established in 1969 EIQA is the Irish National Quality Association known specifically for hygiene and quality programmes. EIQA offer solutions to customers that are committed to improving their hygiene and quality standards and view a nationally recognised accredited programme as key to their company's future.

All EIQA programmes are built on a proven framework to ensure an organisation's progress

We commit to providing interested stakeholders with up to date performance reports to showcase our successes and demonstrate that we are transparent and accountable.