Job Seekers

The LESN provides the follow supports/services to Jobseekers:

  • Professional one to one support to assist with career progression
  • Access to Job Seeking supports (phones, emails, printing and photocopying)
  • Access to Job Vacancy listing and information
  • Professional CV
  • Assistance with job application letters
  • Assistance with job application forms & aptitude tests
  • Access to Job Vacancies
  • Assistance with Job Seeking Skills
  • Interview coaching
  • Assessment of current education, training and skills experience
  • Information on/referral to training courses available (Back to Education; Apprenticeships)
  • Access to financial supports for accredited training
  • Work Experience Supports – Job Bridge
  • Information on / Referral to Community Employment Schemes (CE)
  • Information on supports available to jobseekers regarding “Starting your own business”, through the Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
  • Assistance with completing Business Plans and referral to the Department of Social Protection

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If you would like to further explore our Mediation/Career Guidance Service , please contact us at your nearest office location.

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