Financial Supports

Technical Employment Support Grant [TESG]


  • TESG funding can only be provided where training is not available from other state agencies [i.e. VEC, SOLAS etc]  within a reasonable timeframe and location.  Funding must be sought and approved before start date of your chosen training programme.


  • TESG funding can only be provided for accredited/Irish industry accredited programmes.   No funding permitted through this grant for Third-level courses, programmes above FETAC Level 6 or for overseas accredited/delivered training programmes.   Accreditation can be up to and including FETAC level 6 (or equivalent awards within the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and the Provider is approved by the NQAI / FETAC).  Industry recognised training is also eligible i.e.  DVLA for HGV lessons, First Aid, CPC, Safe Pass, Health & Safety Authority, Maritime Sector, ECDL, PHECC [Pre Hospital Emergency Care], and others please checked with your Local Employment Service Officer.


  • Springboard is available to facilitate funding for Professional Development  programmes and training above FETAC Level 6.   Please refer to


  • Applications for TESG funding are not accepted for training you may have recently completed and paid for in full.


  • LES is unable  to chose your trainer – you must identify the  training provider yourself.    Guidance can be given by Local Employment Service staff.    All start dates are to be agreed by yourself and your chosen  trainer .


  • Once Training is approved with a specified Training Provider, the jobseeker cannot decide to undergo training with a different provider (if Client wishes to change Training provider a new TESG funding application has to be made).


  • Once Training is approved by the Department of Social Protection – training must take place within  12 weeks.     If it does not take place within this time frame funding is withdrawn.


  • You must advise the LES if you do not proceed with your training.


  • TESG Grant is only payable after training is completed and the client has undertaken the relevant assessments.  Please discuss this with your chosen trainer to ensure that they comply and agree to payment terms.


  • Client must actively seek work post-training. (particularly focusing on seeking work that would utilise the skills gained during training).