Back to Work Family Dividend (BTWFD)

The Back to Work Family Dividend (BTWFD) scheme aims to help families to move from social welfare into employment. It will give financial support to people with children who were getting jobseeker and one-parent family payments who take up employment, increase their hours of employment or become self-employed. If you qualify for the scheme you will get a weekly payment for up to 2 years. You will be paid the equivalent of any Increases for Qualified Children that were being paid on your jobseeker or one-parent family payment (up to a maximum of 4 children) for the first year in employment. Half that amount will be paid weekly for the second year.

To qualify, you and all members of your family (including your adult dependant) must sign off all social welfare payments. The Back to Work Family Dividend cannot be paid with any other social welfare payment – with the exception of Child Benefit and Family Income Supplement.

It is intended that the BTWFD scheme will start in April 2015 when the necessary legislation is in place. However applications will be accepted from Monday 5 January 2015.

No payments will be made until April 2015 when the scheme is expected to be fully operational. All eligible claims will be backdated to the date of application.

For more information go to Back to Work Family Dividend (BTWFD)